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The most innovative bow making tool!  Zutter Bow-it-All,
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High Density Foam Pad
Introducing Zutter's Anti-Static High
Density Foam Pad.  Provides the
proper support during the cleaning
process of metal dies  
Tool-it-All is another ultimate tool design from Zutter.  This tool has
multiple applications.  The 9 in 1 tool essential for all crafters.
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New 2015 Summer Release From Zutter - Immediately Available!!!!
New smaller version - Handy Size Magnetic Die & Storage System
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2015 Summer
      Bow it-All V2.0            Original Magnetic & Cling Stamp Storage      
Bow-it-All V2.0 and Original Magnetic Storage       
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AUGUST SPECIAL -  Bow it All V1.0 - with slight imperfections  - $9.00