Zutter Kutter Blade Replacement Instructions
Note:  The Zutter Kutter blade has 2 cutting edges.  A right side and a left side.  When one side wears out utilize the other side. You
may flip the blade by following these instructions.  Use these same instructions for blade replacement.

1)        Utilizing an Allen wrench tool, loosen the socket head screw on the blade compartment of the Zutter Kutter carriage. Continue
loosening the bolt until you are able to remove it entirely. (F-1, F-2, F-3, and F-4)

                 F-1                                          F-2                                   F-3                                F-4

2)        Now proceed by opening the Zutter Kutter carriage blade compartment. (F-5, F-6, and F-7)


                        F-5                                          F-6                                                       F-7

3)        Proceed by utilizing the Allen wrench to remove the socket bolt that holds the cutting blade in place. (F-8)


4)        With a small screw driver (do not attempt to move the blade out of position with your hands, as fingers may slip off of the blade
and may cause injury) push the blade out of its home setting. (F-9, F-10)


                                                                 F-9                                     F-10

5)        With your left hand, slightly push the handle of the moving carriage to actuate the blade mechanism to come slightly out of its
shell. (This will allow full clearance for the blade to be pulled out). (F-11)


6)        With your fingers grabbing on from the black plastic piece (avoid injury, do not touch the cutting part of the blade with your
fingers), remove the blade as shown in (F-12, F-13)


                                                                  F-12                                            F-13

Re-installing the cutting blade on your Zutter Kutter
7)        Position the cutting blade back into the original home setting. (Keep fingers away from the sharp cutting edges of the blade). As
show in (F-14, F-15, and F-16) Note in F-15, with your left hand,  push the handle slightly forward against the cutting blade casing such
that it fully clears the cutting blade home setting.  This allows the blade to easily be inserted into position.

                                                 F-14                                      F-15                                         F-16

8)        With a small screw driver, slide the blade into the proper position such that you can see  that the hole of the blade is lining up
with the hole of the blade home setting.  The bolt screw secures the blade into place and will easily fit into its’ intended placement. (F-17)

                                        F-17                                                                                                F-18

9)        Proceed by replacing the bolt screw into its’ original position and securely tighten it with an Allen wrench. See figure (F-18)

10)        Proceed by bringing down and closing the cutting blade carriage compartment. (F-19. F-20, F-21and F-22)

                                F-19                            F-20                                          F-21                            F-22

11)        Replace the closing socket bolt as shown. (F-23), proceed by screwing in the closing bolt (F-24).  For better leverage, tighten
the closing bolt with the short end of an Allen wrench. (F-25 and F-26).

                         F-23                            F-24                                          F-25                                 F-26
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