Copyright 2013 Zutter Innovative Products
Copyright 2012 Zutter Innovative Products
Information on Punching Materials
You these guidelines on materials suitable for punching in the Bind-it-All

 1/32" thick (nothing thicker than a standard CD ROM)  
Metal: very thin aluminums or metal sheets that do not exceed 0.025 of an inch or ( 3 - 128th of an inch).
Wood: Soft wood, MDF woods - of thickness up to 1/8"

Anything beyond the above mentioned will be considered misuse of the Bind-it- All and beyond Bind-it-All specifications.

Certainly the Bind-it-All, could probably handle more than the above mentioned but it will all be at the consumers risk.  Any applications over and beyond
the above mentioned specifications will void the warranty of the Bind-it-All.  

Acrylic - Important Notice:
Zutter's tools, including the Bind-it-All and Round-it-All are made to provide years of use.  They have been tested extensively and are designed to last
when used on Zutter manufactured materials and other materials as specified.  We do not endorse or recommend using acrylic, tin, metal or other
materials outside the specifications noted.  

Zutter Innovative is aware that – in particular - some acrylic products from other manufacturers do not work well in the Bind-it-All or Round-it-All.  Zutter
manufactured acrylic is a pliable, durable plastic that has been tested  in the Zutter tools.  Other products of thicker consistency can cause the tools to
malfunction or break.  If this occurs, note that it is not likely a deficiency in the tools.  

Regarding Metal:
For those of you that are interested in binding license plates it is important for you to note the following:

The more modern license plates are made of thin aluminum. These do work with the Bind-it-All, however it is not recommended. Consumers are doing so
at their own risk.  The idea book, Bound 2 Bind, does in fact have a license plate book which was submitted by a designer and of course it was a nice
innovative idea and that is why it was published.  In this instance, it was a thin and soft aluminum license plate and was therefore manageable by the

Older license plate are made of steel which is much stronger than the current thin aluminum ones.  These older license plates are in no way
recommended to be used by the Bind-it-All.  They can cause permanent damage to the Bind-it-All.