Copyright 2013 Zutter Innovative Products
Copyright 2012 Zutter Innovative Products
Round-it-All Repair & Maintenance
If your Round-it-All is in the pressed down position, please
follow these instructions:
Tap your Round-it-All against a soft edge such as shown on
picture “A” where you Round-it-All a few times against the soft
edge. This may very well cause it to release. If this step does
not work proceed with the following.

1. As shown, take a small screwdriver and carefully remove the
bottom waste compartment cover.

2. Note as the picture shows the Round-it-All with the waste
compartment removed.

3. As shown, take a small screwdriver and place it onto the
center part of the cutting blade by pushing it inward. This will
most likely make the blade pop back into its proper and open

4. Very similar to picture 3, place a small screwdriver onto the
middle of the cutting blade. Pushing the screwdriver down will
force it to pop back up into its open and proper position.

5. Replacing your waste compartment lid

6. With some minor pressure, the waste compartment lid will
go back into place.
Please note that the Round-it-All is mainly designed for thick materials.

When using photographs: photography paper contains a glossy layer of thin plastic. It is recommended that if
using photographs, you round off a group of photos at the same time, facing up and adding a sheet of
cardstock at the top of the stack.
When using the Round-it-All for the first time, wipe with a soft cloth to remove any grease that may be on
the machine from the manufacturing process. This is important to avoid any kind of grease marks on any
of your projects.
To keep the waste compartment working properly please
follow the steps below:

1. With a small screwdriver as shown on pictures #1 and
#2,  remove the waste compartment lid.  

2. Once the lid has been removed as shown on picture
#3 apply pressure with your thumb on the metal plate and
bend it inward slightly.

After these simple steps you are now ready to reattach
the waste compartment lid back on the Round-it-All.
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