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Scor-it-All Mini Board - #HG90CRPI No Longer Available
Not Available.
Scoring Tool Replacement #ZT6692
Replacement tool for either the Mini or 12" Large Scor-it-All Boards. Comes with silver chain. Not part of Liquidation Sale.
Tote for Large Scor-it-All #L-HG910
14.5" x 14.75" padded tote bag, with zipper that is ideal for carrying and protecting your Large Scor-it-All Board. Pink with black logo.
Tote for Mini Scor-it-All #L-HG1010 SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT. 10.75" x 9" padded tote bag, with zipper that stows and protects your Scor-it-All Mini Board. Pink with black logo.
A-2 Envelope Template
The A-2 Envelope-it is an aluminum template that lets you cut out your own A-2 envelopes from any sheet of paper. The cutout circle allows you to position the template, on any designed paper, showing you what aspect of the design will be centered on the front of your envelope. Because it is made from aluminum, you you cut around the template with a craft knife tear the paper for that deckled edge look or you can trace around it and then cut out the envelope with a pair of scissors.
Zutter Innovative Products, manufacturer of the Scor-it-All, is proud to now offer this line of top quality scoring tools and accessories.
The Scor-it-All is a natural companion tool to the Bind-it-All, Dreamkuts, Distrezz-it-All and other versatile crafting tools from Zutter!
Scor-it-All / Changing the Reversible Centering Ruler
Scor-it-All / Introduction
General Instructions for Using the Scor-it-All Board
Insert the end of the tool ball chain through the hole on either side of the centering ruler. Snap the end of the chain into the connector as you would a key chain. The board can
be set up for either right - or left-handed operation.

Make sure you place Scor-it-All on a flat surface with the ruler at the top
Place your work face down, on the board, if you are going to score or de-boss. Place your work face up on the board if you are going to emboss. Make sure that the paper is
flush against the centering ruler and stop guide if you are using one.

The object is to get the tool to glide over the scoring rule while creating the crease in the paper stock.  Hold the scoring tool as you would a pen or pencil. Place the tip of the tool
in the cut out section of the centering ruler with the tool at an angle as shown in the photo above. The groove of the tool should engage with the scoring rule. Hold the paper
down firmly with your free hand so the paper does not shift while you are scoring with the other hand. Press down with medium pressure and draw the tool down towards you.
You should feel the tool glide over the paper while it is making the ridge in the paper stock. For better scoring results, we recommend pulling the groove end of the scoring tool
through Perga Soft wax you will notice smoother scoring and embossing right away. You can also rub a very small amount of Vaseline between your thumb and forefinger and
then apply this to the groove end of the tool making sure to wipe off any excess. Apply when the tool is new and then periodically as needed.

Experiment scoring and embossing on scrap card stock until you get the feel of how much pressure to apply to achieve a perfect score, and to get the tool to glide consistently
over the scoring rule. If the tool keeps slipping off, you may not be holding the tool perpendicular to the board or pressing down when you begin the score.

To clean the Scor-it-All, wipe rubber surface with a clean moist sponge using WATER ONLY!

Scor-it-All will score with or against the paper grain and handle up to 28pt board stock. It will also score thin metal, plastics, synthetic and hand-made papers, metallic coated
paper and much more!

Note: The scoring tool cannot be used without the scoring board and vice versa.
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