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Welcome to the Zutter Spinner Album Kit!  Now you can make your own completely
customized spinner album, from top to bottom.  From the wooden base – that you can paint,
to the creative possibilities.  
The Spinner Album Kit comes supplied with the following components (F-1):

#1 Wood Base
#2 Ten Tabbed Chipboard Dividers
#3 Ten Chipboard Dividers
#4 Twenty Cardstock Pages
#5 Zutter Owire
#6 Stitching Wire
For a downloadable PDF copy of these instructions, click here.
V2.0 for completing this project.  Make sure
you have your Owire sizing templates.  You
will also need a screwdriver to assemble the
wood base.
Step  4:
With 2/3 of the Owire closed, stand the project as
of pages and dividers (F-15, F-16 and F-17).

Now, manually finish closing the Owire that was
originally partially closed in the previous step, as
shown in F-18.  It is not necessary to have a
perfect full closure of the wires. The enclosed
stitching wire will finish off the job.
Step 1:
Punch 6 binding holes on all your pages and cardstock dividers (F-2 , F-3 ,F-4 , F-5).

To properly balance and center holes onto your pages and chipboard dividers, simply hold them
centered in the punching channel with your hands as shown in F-2, F-3, F-4, and F-5. At this
step, if you wish to edge the chipboard and pages with ink or paint, you may do so; however, it is
NOT recommended to add embellishments or thick papers to the pages prior to binding the
pages into the spinner format, as the thickness may interfere with the binding process.
Step  2:
Once punching is complete, organize the pages in proper order. As shown on Figure F-6,
organize them in the following order. 1-Chipboard divider, 2-cardstock pages, and 1-chipboard
tabbed divider (F-7). Continue this pattern until all pages and dividers are as shown in F-8.
Step  3:
Insert the Owire onto your pages as shown in F-9. At this point only insert about 2/3 of pages
dividers) - otherwise there will be too many pages and dividers and you will not be able to place
your pages onto the Bind-it-All. Set the Bind-it-All at 1 ¼” Owire closing adjustment using the
Owire sizing template. Place the entire set of pages and dividers (F-10) by holding the pages and
dividers with the Owire laying flat within the closing channel of the machine as shown in F-10.
Bring down the handle of the Bind-it-All (F-11 and F-12) approximately 2/3 of the way for a
partial closure of the Owire.

Note: At this point you will be only closing the Owire approximately 80% of the total normal
closing task (the handle is only completing 2/3 of the distance that it would normally travel
when fully closing the 1 ¼” diameter Owire. (F-13)
Step  5:
To finish off the full closure of the binding Owires,
take the stitching wires and start from the bottom.
continue stitching upward (F-20) to the end of the
twist the stitching wire several times onto the
Owire (F-21). This will be sufficient to both keep
the Owire fully closed as well as to keep your
stitching wire in place.  Be sure to trim off the
excess stitching wires on both the bottom end and
top end (F-21, F-22).

The final outcome after the above wire stitching
step will provide a very secure and permanent
Owire closure (F-23)
wooden base.

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