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Now avaialble = chipboard covers in special sizes for your Dreamkuts pages

Important notes about the Dreamkuts

  1. Dreamkuts will not cut chipboard, in fact, it will cause damage to your unit where it will separate the cutting blades from the proper position causing your unit to score the paper rather than to cut. Dreamkuts is designed to cut any and all cardstocks. You are to cut only one sheet at a time.
  2. The two paper guides on the front cutting channel (where it has the 2 blades spaced at 4" apart) are anchored permanently and are not to move. This is the only way that you can ensure 3 even strips at 4" wide each. (Again this cutting channel is strictly dedicated to 12" wide paper).
  3. On the back cutting channel (having one single center cutting blade) the paper guide adjustments on both sides are self centering and are to be adjusted by hand (with one hand on the left side and one hand on the right side) according to the width of the paper being used.
  4. The turning wheels on the left and right side of the back of the machine are not intended to move.

    Please note the above such that you do not consider your Dreamkuts as having manufacture's defects.

    If you still have any questions please contact Zutter Innovative.

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