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This "does-it-all" item has all the quality details and multiple uses that make it essential for every crafters’s tool bag, along with the quality components and workmanship that Zutter is known for! Clean out and remove the intricate paper cuttings in metal dies. Includes multiple tips for a variety of uses. Brush, paper cuttings removal head. Brayer roller attachment head. Mini spatula tip. Assorted craft embossing tips (small, medium, large), Flat and sharp piercer tips. 3 Cutting Blades in Safety Case. Store all tip components inside the tool barrel. Sturdy light weight steel construction. Ergonomically designed comfortable grips. Simple tip removal system.
Tool-it-All 9x6" High Density Foam Pad
To go along with our Tool-it-All 9 in 1 tool we have released a special foam pad, high density foam with an anti static coating, just the perfect formula to provide the proper support for your metal dies while removing the cutouts and still keeping your work area clean.
Tool it All Replacement Brushes
2 1/4" Large Brayer
Large Brayer covers more area!!
Periodic replacement of the
brush will help Tool-it-All to
work at it's best.  
Limited Quantities Available
Tool-it-All Video link - for better understanding of this product
Free Tote and High Density Foam Pad Automatically added to your Tool it All order.