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Zutter Kutter
Zutter Kutter Blade
Replacement Video
Zutter Kutter Replacement Blades
To keep your cutting neat and clean, replace the blades periodically with the Zutter Kutter dual-sided replacement blade.
Zutter Kutter #7607
Cuts almost anything, from chipboard, book board, Zutter Canvas Artboard,foam board, stacks of cardstock, leather and Zutter's Corrugated Cardboard. Adjustable blade height allows for scoring, left/right paper guide, 13" deep cutting platform. Ideal for paper crafters, model makers, architects. Maximum cutting thickness: 5/32" (4.5 cm)
240V Version
Zutter Distrezz-it-All
Add a distrezzed, shabby look to your paper craft projects in the blink of an eye.  
Makes hand sanding and filing a thing of the past.  Use on cardboard, wood,
leather, up to 12 sheets of cardstock.  Hand held or desk top application.
Distrezz-it-All Version 2.0 (110V) #7617
Updated, lighter and less noisy V2.0 model, 110 volt, U.S. Includes AC adapter. Now 30% off!
Distrezz-it-All Version 2.0 (240V) - not available
Everything you love about the Distrezz-it-All in a 240V version, suitable for European voltage. Now 30% off!
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